A Movement to Hold - various locations (ongoing)

Initiated and curated by Alba Folgado and supported by Kulturrådet and Uppsala Kommun

A Movement to Hold is an archive of artistic representations, which is activated and expanded through public activities.

Let’s think of a storage room as a place where we keep different objects, where we also leave memories and knowledge, a place where unexpected things can appear. How could we make that stuff available to many? Could we apply workers’ principles of self-organization, solidarity and resistance to artistic creation? A Movement to Hold is an open archive of artistic representations, which focuses on revisiting immaterial, critical, intersectional and non hegemonic experiences. Through a series of performances, interventions and presentations we will share different artistic processes with the aim of rethinking collective creation and criticality. A Movement to Hold is thus an archive for art in movement and for social movements, a storage room to which it is possible to go in search of ideas and knowledge.

So far A Movement to Hold has hosted activations from artists and collectives: Mireia Rocher, Lyktan, Sandi Hilal, Sam Hultin, Vård och Värde.

If you want to know more about A Movement to Hold, visit the project website.