A Movement to Hold - various locations (ongoing)

Initiated and curated by Alba Folgado and supported by Kulturrådet and Uppsala Kommun

A Movement to Hold is an archive of artistic representations, which is activated and expanded through public activities.

Let’s think of a storage room as a place where we keep different objects, where we also leave memories and knowledge, a place where unexpected things can appear. How could we make that stuff available to many? Could we apply workers’ principles of self-organization, solidarity and resistance to artistic creation? A Movement to Hold is an open archive of artistic representations, which focuses on revisiting immaterial, critical, intersectional and non hegemonic experiences. Through a series of performances, interventions and presentations we will share different artistic processes with the aim of rethinking collective creation and criticality. A Movement to Hold is thus an archive for art in movement and for social movements, a storage room to which it is possible to go in search of ideas and knowledge.

* A Movement to Hold is supported by Uppsala Kommun.


The Non-Functional Library - Mireia Rocher

Documentation of the intervention in Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket (2017). Picture by David Puig Serinyà.

19 March 1-3pm at Uppsala Stadsbiblioteket.
The performance will be followed by a talk with the artist.

In The Non Functional Library a selection of books from Uppsala’s Stadsbibliotek are subject to the action of Mireia Rocher, who by turning them around aims to create a visual and psychological intervention. After the performance, the books will be showing their white pages to the room, without any information written in them or a reference that could guide us in our attempt to understand their reality. The subsequent white shelfs allude to the space where failed communication seats, to the impossibility of connecting with daily situations in unfamiliar contexts and the frustration of a constant and unrewarding effort. 

Lyktan - Lars Lovén & Ava Rasalpour 

26 March 2-4pm at Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet.

Lyktan is a multilingual cultural magazine aiming to enhance the value of the different languages and cultures that coexist in the Swedish territory. Articles are written in Russian, Arab, Italian, French and Swedish, among other languages, and deal with current issues on art, culture and multilingualism. Additionally, the project engages with the idea of “art for all”, the motus of its head-organization, Konstfrämjandet Västmanland. Through a public activation of Lyktan at Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Lars Lovén and Ava Rasalpour will re-connect with the magazine’s trajectory and reflect on its intrinsic artistic character.