Performance ‘Operación Biquini’ in the courtyard of Patio Herreriano Museum.

Art in ActionPatio Herreriano Museum
June 2014

In collaboration with: Paco Villa, Alba Folgado, Pablo de Castro, Miriam García, Laura del Castillo, Raquel Fernández, Francisco Pardal y Maite Sánchez.

Arte en Acción (Art in Action) was a pedagogical project developed by the Department of Research and Education of Patio Herreriano Museum and the Drama School of Castilla y Leon (Spain). The collaboration of both institutions responded to the desire to open up to the local community, constituting a forum for critical debate around performing arts and their educational possibilities.

During its two editions, the project, has been structured around several working groups formed by professionals from different disciplines. The groups worked autonomously for six months. Throughout this period, the members of the project participated in a creative process that led to several performative actions that were later presented at Patio Herreriano Museum.

The project Operación Biquini established its particular swimming area in Patio de los Reyes, which was only accessible with proper clothing. This was arranged in improvised changing rooms which contained all the documentation generated during the previous month by the performers as well as swimsuits for the public. This documentation consisted of a diet description that everyone had adapted for herself and not necessarily with the interest of losing weight. Each person had undergone a professed body shaping accompanied by various exercises. All the process was carefully documented. The "new bodies" were exhibited in the museum's courtyard, turned into a playground for all to see.

Performance ‘Operación Biquini’ in the courtyard of Patio Herreriano Museum.