I would prefer not to (Preferiría no hacerlo) - La Gran Gallery
April 2016

Participant Artists and collectives: Juan Carlos Quindós, Julio Falagan and La Gallinera, Acción Feminista, Resituacion Collective and 15M Delicias.

Curated by: Marta Alvarez and Alba Folgado.

The project investigated the use of art as a pedagogical alternative for society that responds to its interests and to commits with its problems. ‘Preferiría no hacerlo’ shown the work of Juan Carlos Quindós, who, in two different videos, explored the relationship between identity and national representation, and the disconnection with politics and subsequently occupation of the street during 15M (occupy movement). ‘Situations’ was another part of the project that expanded its narratives out of the exhibition space and which understood the public space as its field of operations. First, it proposed a critical reflection on the agents of art through a guerrilla of posters initiated by the artist Julio Falagán. Then it also developed a discursive encounter with local collectives, including a public reading and a debate, which shared ideas about art as a useful tool.

Views of installation at La Gran Gallery and the public programme. Photography by Juan Carlos Quindós.