My friend is here - Konsthall C
November 2020 (re-scheduled)

Curators: Carlota Mir & Alba Folgado
This project was initiated by Carlota Mir and it is supported by Stockholm Royal Institute of Art

‘My Friend is Here’ is a mid 20th-century English euphemism that American women from the West Coast used to employ in order to refer to their menstruation. To be sick, to be unwell, to have the curse: our language is full of negative euphemisms and taboos around the female anatomy. That which is not named cannot exist, and likewise, as humans, what is said of our experiences has a great impact on how we live them. We find that this ambiguous, veiled, yet somehow warm expression takes us back to the gesture of somebody like us, 70 years ago, creating a space-time away from the exhausting rhythms of capitalist production where different emotions and bodily needs could be taken care of, a space of softness, recovering, reciprocity and enunciation.

Reaching beyond generational and territorial borders, this project aims to build on a relational feminist archive and network in Sweden whose threads, both discursive and affective, stem from a series of previous encounters between texts, places, bodies, and voices who wish to continue exploring feminist curating and pedagogies in the context of art production and education, prioritising mutual encounter, action, emotion and experience over disembodied theory and practicing a politics of affirmation through recognising our differences.