Image copyright: Paola Agosti

My Friend is Here: Rethinking Feminist Collectivity in Troubled Times

A Gathering and Public Programme Curated by Alba Folgado and Carlota Mir - in collaboration with Konsthall C, Stockholm, 9-13 June 2021

Participants: Alex Martinis Roe, Jenny Richards, No NIIN (Vidha Saumya and Elham Rahmati), Raisa Maudit, Rosa Simone (Mourning School), Sam Hultin, Ulrika Flink, and Rossana Mercado-Rojas.

Rescuing the rare English euphemism ‘My friend is here’, which was used by West Coast American women in the early 20th century to refer to their periods and withdraw from public life, this public programme aims to reflect on forms of feminist collectivity, difference, self-preservation and friendship at a completely different place and time: in the current intersections of feminist activisms and the contemporary art field.

We don’t think it’s an overstatement to declare that feminisms are currently affected by various forms of conflict, trouble and grief: inner tensions and fragmentations, migration, racism, vulnerability, precariousness, intergenerational class struggles, power abuse, or the commodification of affect. These obstacles and polarisations bring an altered sense of value and currency to historical feminist practices of gathering, originally devised to put in common experiences of oppression and sexual difference from the margins. What are, then, the implications of alluding to past strategies of collective withdrawal, care, learning, and community-making at a time in which political urgencies of feminist practices have changed dramatically? With this project we want to explore the historical and current conditions which enable integration into different feminist communities in personal, activist and professional settings. In this way, we aim to to share knowledge, tools and experiences that can help us move towards a more integral feminist work-life ethic today.

* Part of the programme will be developed only for and by the participants. A detailed schedule of the open events will be shared soon.
** This project is supported by artistic research and development funding, Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm) and the Spanish Embassy in Sweden (Embajada Española en Suecia).