Installation at Chalton gallery (London). Photography by Yongchan Lim

Rhythmic EncountersChalton Gallery & Corsica Studios (London)
October 2017

Artists and collaborators: AKEA and Mercedes Marín
Curated by: Natalia Benítez and Alba Folgado

Rhythmic Encounters was a project aiming to gather reciprocal disciplines. That was the case of sound and moving image, two techniques that quite often can be found complementing each other. For the two events in which this exhibition unfolded, the artists Mercedes Marin (visual artist) and A K E A (sound duo composed by Riccardo Marcucci and Marco Simioni) collaborated to produce a new body of work, consisting of experimental sound and 3D scenarios. They generated an audiovisual dialogue and invited the public to participate of an immersive experience whose narrative progressed during the length of each event. ‘Rhythmic Encounters’ questioned the possibilities of expression and relation between people, art and space. It generated an interactive experience that recalled the idea of a concert and of a gallery visit. The juxtaposition of the works activated various sensations on the spectator, who became an active participant, and whose presence was fundamental to complete the work.

The project presented new commissions by A K E A and Mercedes Marín. The sounds and images were pre-produced for Chalton Gallery and intervened during the second session at Corsica Studios, creating a similar environment, but highlighting the parallel behaviors that the public shows in the two spaces.


Performance at Corsica Studios (London). Photography by Yongchan Lim.