Photography by Alba Folgado. "Savage" by choreographer Pablo Rotemberg. 2018.

STAGING STRUGGLES: Performance and social transformation - Köttinspektionen Dans (Uppsala)
28 - 29 November 2020

Original idea and development: Alba Folgado

Staging Struggles is a sound-seminar aiming to untangle the historical relationship that exists between social movements and performance. Observing the presence of dance, music, costumes and choreography in protests and demonstrations, we will evaluate the role these gestures play in changing social imaginaries. Likewise, we will look at the influence that actions such as the choreography “A Rapist in Your Path” –initiated by the collective Lastesis during the recent Chilean uprisings and reproduced worldwide in feminist demonstrations– have had on the narratives of contemporary dance. All of it will be accompanied by a selection of music from different struggles.

︎ Listen to the podcast here.

This project was commissioned by Köttinspektionen Dans and presented as part of FESTIVAL X in Uppsala.

Thanks to Stellan von Reybekiel for his help with the sound technology.