Photography by Martim Ramos

Who Cares? A radio tale Gasworks & Resonance FM (London)
May 2018

International collaborators: Céline Berger, Patricia Domínguez with Terezie Štindlová & Radim Lisa, Eva Fàbregas, Temi Odumosu, Claudia Pagès, Elisa Giardina Papa, Rosalie Schweiker with Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis, Salomé Voegelin, Women of Colour Index Reading Group and Jon Wozencroft.

Curated by: Naz Bescan, Ibrahim Cisse, Harriet Costello, Benedetta D’Ettore, Alba Folgado and Agata Kik.

‘Who cares? A radio tale’ turned Gasworks into a live broadcast studio in collaboration with the renowned experimental radio station Resonance FM. A programme of newly commissioned and existing performances, sound works, and discussions took up the subject of affective labour, summarised by philosopher Michael Hardt as a term that ‘grasp[s] simultaneously the corporeal and intellectual aspects of the new forms of production, recognizing that such labor engages at once with rational intelligence and with the passions or feeling.’

Affective labour is commonly understood as invisible. ‘Who cares? A radio tale’ lays open this assertion by using the intangible medium of radio and enabling the audience to see the hidden mechanisms. Either present in the gallery or listening from anywhere in the world, attendees and listeners were invited to engage with questions including: What are the implications of having to manage emotions in the workplace? What kind of emotional work is expected in capitalist economies? What does care and labour demand from its workers?

The project consisted of two live broadcast sessions, in which a multiplicity of international artists responded to the theme of affective labour using a variety of performative, discursive and participatory formats.

Listen to the audio here: Podcast (Part 1)
And here: Podcast (Part 2)

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Photography by Martim Ramos